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May 23 2018


I want a cottage with a stream behind it and a forest that goes for miles on and deer are seen peeking out from the branches. Tea is brewing and my garden’s flowers are blooming. I am at peace with the world and full of kindness.

May 22 2018

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Grandmas balcony

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May 20 2018


me to me: don’t worry baby

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if she takes care of you, take care of her

May 15 2018

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concept: we’re both home in our underwear after a long day at work. your head is in my lap; my hands playing with your hair. we can hear rain against the windowpane outside. it’s quiet, and comfortable, and i love you.


we spend hours sitting in the car. you buy me snacks from the gas station and tell me stories from when you were young. neither of us can remember the exact moment we started holding hands.

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May 08 2018

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May 07 2018


I like people with emotional and intellectual depth, speaking so passionately about everything they believe in is honestly so beautiful

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You will find a friend with a similar soul
You will get that job that you applied for
You will get that good grade in your class
You will make it through your loneliness

Speak it into existence.


My phone at 1% battery: finally,,,,the sweet embrace of death,,,,,,my codes are clearing,,,,,,,my burdens are lifted,,,,,,,,,,,,

Me, jamming the charger in seconds before it shuts off: you’re gonna stay alive and suffer like the rest of us you lazy bitch

May 04 2018

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I’m breaking , but nobody hears my silent screams .

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i say idk alot but trust me 

i be knowin

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I feel like my last two brain cells hate each other

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