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November 03 2017

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can you imagine not being human & just living out your days as a weeping willow, though? beautiful? by the water? unburdened? ideal

I wanna be the one from Harry Potter that beats the shit out of everyone and everything

November 01 2017

just got L.A.I.D


Depressive spiral

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Don’t get stuck on the one thing that ruins your day. Smile and be happy. Don’t waste your time and energy on negativity.
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October 31 2017

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Many have an image of me, but few get the picture.
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October 30 2017

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what i’ve felt like in the past few days

October 28 2017

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1. Time does not heal. Time makes you forget and does a good job of making memories blurry. Take healing into your own hands - don’t wait for someone else to do it.

2. Do not waste your I love you’s. The more you flaunt the word around to people you’ve just met and early lovers, the less it will mean when love really hits.

3. Create a list of things you want to do in life. I’m not talking about going to see the northern lights or visiting Hawaii. The little things that can be easy to accomplish such as: trying caviar, painting your room, and trying that new sushi place. Checking off the little things in life is the best self-esteem boost.

4. Always take the high road. If you’re working with rude people or someone has done wrong to you, do not stoop to their level. What’s goes around will come back around. Trust me.

5. Offer to help. People appreciate someone that genuinely wants to give a helping hand whether it’s setting the table or carrying heavy boxes.

6. Stop being hard on yourself. Who cares if you did not get an A on that test? Does it matter if you embarrassed yourself at lunch the other day? Move on. We’re only human.

7. Read more.

8. Be open minded. People who can not see past their own opinions do not go anywhere in life.

9. Accept your flaws.

10. Invest in yourself. Buy yourself that new art set, or new shoes, or order some good take out. The little things in life are often over looked, but they add up in the best ways.

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October 26 2017


Grocery shopping with someone is an underrated form of intimacy

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- Stimpy and Olive not being camera shy.

they look like a couple that defied all odds to be together.

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